February 03, 2006

Al Guardian

The battle is set, of religious extremism versus freedom of speech. These are the lines drawn, or so we are told, in the escalating tensions worldwide surrounding the printing of images of Muhammad in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe.
So no suprise to see Al Guardian proudly in the vanguard for religious extremism.
First, the easy part. Any depiction of Muhammad, however temperate, is not allowed.
It is here.
Muhammad as a symbol for Islam and Muslims. These are the stereotypes that, as Muslims, we face daily. The looks on the tube, the suspicion, the eyes on the bags we carry.
I wonder why that would be? Perhaps that small issue of Islamic terrorist murderers who's favourite method of attack is the suicide bomb? Or perhaps it would be that little Islamic cultural issue of murdering, or forcing into hiding, anyone that dares critise Islam in any way.
I have also been receiving other messages. These are the most worrying, and the ones of which Europe must take note. These are the messages of resignation. The messages that discuss exit strategies. The messages that question the very future of Muslims in Europe.

How shall I put this? Good. There are plenty of Islamic countries out there, if you think you will live a happier life in one then go live there. If you cannot live in a tolerant 21st century country then by all means emmergrate to shit-heap-istan, nobody is going to stop you. But don't try and force your medieval supersitions on the rest of us. It is not like the Islamic world has produced any new ideas of significance in the last several hundred years.
The messages to my inbox of resignation, of fear, come with good reason. Some countries that have reprinted the images - Spain, France, Italy and Germany - have a nasty history of fascism.
Whereas most of the Islamic world is ruled by fascism in the present.
Just last week we had Holocaust memorial day.
Which the Muslim Council of Britian boycotted, again.
The Holocaust did not occur overnight.
No, Hilter and his entourage had to plan it, and based their plans on the genocide of the Christian Armenians by the Muslim Calphate during World War I.
It took time to establish a people as subhuman, and cartoons played their part.
like the cartoons that are still run daily against Jews, in Islamic countries.
Does Europe not remember its past and the Nazi propaganda of Der Stürmer?
Yes we do hence why we are standing up against fascism now.


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